Welcome to my space.

You can call me Avory.  I’m glad you came.

Who am I? I am a genderqueer, polyamorous, sex-positive, kinky writer, blogger, and activist.  I am 20-something, live in the United States, am a Southerner, identify as feminist.  I am also able-bodied, white, middle-class, and college-educated, so feel free to call my ass out for a privilege check if it becomes necessary.

Who are you? You, dear reader, are someone who is curious about sexuality, likes reading about sexuality, likes talking about sexuality, or is just kind of bored and poking around the Internet.  Welcome!  I encourage commenting and sharing thoughts here whenever the urge strikes you.  You can also reach me at sexpositiveactivism@gmail.com.  If you want me to review a book or a product, speak at your event, write a guest post for you, promote something you’re involved with, etc., feel free to ask.  Any reviews that appear on this blog are honest and any endorsements are sincere, so please keep that in mind.

What is this blog for, anyway? This is a space to share my thoughts about sexuality.  Topics will definitely include polyamory, kink, queerness, and gender.  Other topics will doubtless come up.  This is a place for sex education, sharing thoughts, and for riffing off others’ ideas.  This is not a sexuality news or current events blog.  I will tell you about any relevant events I attend, as I attend them, but my budget is extremely hand-to-mouth right now, so attendance at such things will be limited.  If you’re looking for something broader than a sexuality blog, please feel free to visit my main blog at Radically Queer.

Please note: This blog includes concepts of an adult nature.  I believe that in order to make our world more sex-positive, we must open our mouths about sexuality and have some frank discussion.  I try to warn before a cut for very explicit sexual language, but you should expect to see discussion of topics including kinky lifestyles, anatomy, pornography, and sex work.  If you are under the legal age where you live, I highly recommend Scarleteen, an amazing sex-education website for young adults.

What is the comment policy? I reserve the right to delete any comment that is blatantly hateful, offensive, rude, etc.  I will avoid deleting comments whenever possible, though, because I’m a fan of free speech.  So basic rule of thumb: feel free to express an opinion, just don’t word it as an insult.  Perhaps posts here will engender some heated, even angry discussion, and I welcome that.  It’s good to get people talking.  Just keep your language respectful to whatever extent possible.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I would just like to say that this blog has really, really changed my thinking about feminism. I have never considered myself a feminist though I feel kind of pressured to by others. The main reason I never did was because I was a very sexually curious person growing up, and other girls were so taboo about it. I tend to associate feminism as being all about ending rape, objectification, etc., all about women being used as sex objects by men. I felt like I was weird for being a female who actually enjoys sexual stuff.
    I guess it’s just really nice knowing that there is a part of feminism that is all about female sexuality.
    Thank you, and I’ll definitely be checking up on this blog in the future.

  2. Aditi says:

    Hey Avory,

    I’m writing to you from India and let me first say that I’m really glad your blog is out there and that more people are writing, thinking, and organizing around sex positivity. But more specifically I’m writing because I was wondering if you knew of any good sources, preferably media, that could be used to facilitate a conversation among youth (read 17-22 yrs) about sex from a sex positive perspective that addresses diversity in people’s sexuality and gender expression (especially as it relates to sex). As someone associated with the queer movement here, I think that while we have done a lot of work to open up ideas about and de-stigmatize sexuality, we still haven’t gotten around to just talking straight up about sex and I think its high time we do. So if you have any recommendations or resources that you think are good, I’d really appreciate the information.


  3. Sommai says:

    Hi Avory!

    I just want to thank you so much for discussing sex-positivism so elegantly. I’ve always tried to explain it myself, and the many ways in which sex-negativism hurts culture but have yet to be clear until I found this blog! Thank you!


  4. ea says:

    Hey. its wonderful that you create this blog. thanks, there a lot of interesting materials. and i want to advice you read this one view from different side but about the same theme http://www.sexpositivethelema.com/can-sex-negative-culture-understand-why-rape-wrong/

  5. Vallin says:

    Sex-positive, genderqueer, poly, and kinky; you cover all the bases! Will you be attending Southern Comfort (www.sccatl.org) or ATLPride? Do you get to Atlanta much (or better yet live in Atlanta or Georgia)?

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